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Appleby Consulting & Coaching
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Short Business Description: Appleby Consulting & Coaching helps you scale your business, and overcome the road blocks that are preventing you getting to the next level
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I’m Kevin Appleby. I live in the North East of England and I’m a business coach. I co-present The Next 100 Days Podcast. I’m an experienced Chartered Accountant (the UK equivalent of a CPA). I’ve been involved with small businesses for most of my life. I’ve also worked as a consultant with many major organisations to help improve business performance, and I’m bringing all this experience together to help business owners get out of overwhelm and do something special.
I’m here because I am passionate about helping small and medium sized businesses achieve their goals. I know that most businesses of this size can’t afford consultancy support in the same way as the big corporates I’ve advised in the past. I don’t see why great advice shouldn’t be available to every business irrespective of size, so I want to advise and support in a much more affordable way.

Phone Number: 07711 733988
The Mumpreneur Coach
Address: 21 Pont View
NE20 9UZ
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Short Business Description: Do you struggle to gain clarity in your business or your life? I set up The Mumpreneur Coach after going through such struggles and then having a breakthrough in a coaching course which lit the lightbulb inside me and made me realise what I was put on this earth for. Now after further training and coaching experience, I offer coaching sessions to people who are in the situation I found myself in and I can. Ring my expertise in drilling down behind the facade of your issues to really bring out the best you.
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Business coaching – as a qualified accountant with numerous successful businesses under my belt (and some unsuccessful ones!) mixed with my passion, experience and learning can get you to define your goals and work out the best route to attain them. We will look at obstacle recognition., baseline planning and gap analysis.
Life coaching – not sure which path was meant for you or can’t get the work/life balance quite right. Let me help you work out what’s important to you and why and we can start to build a picture of what that ideal life looks like and how you will get it. I can’t predict the lottery but then again does money really buy happiness or just choices?

Phone Number: 07555696554
The Success Club
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Short Business Description: The Success Club stimulates positive change to give business owners, leaders and managers better and longer-lasting results in their business and in their life.
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My name’s Julie Johnson, and I can help if…

You’re fed up with doubting yourself…
You know you get in your own way…
You’re sure you/your business are capable of more…
You never have enough time…
You/your business is not where you want…
You never switch off…

I help with the ‘what’ and the ‘why’, as you’d expect, so you have a clear purpose, strategy and plan to maximise your potential, your income, and your impact. Then I focus attention on the ‘how’…on how you approach the actions you’ve prioritised…on how you’re ‘being’ and feeling as you’re ‘doing’. This focus on feeling good and having fun makes changing behaviour seem easier. It impacts hugely on your results. And it ensures those results are longer-lasting…because you’re also enjoying the process, you’re more likely to continue.

You can check out my approach and background on my website, in my books and online courses. And you can work with me personally, in a small group coaching programme or in a larger group development programme.

Phone Number: 07745 136624
Website Address: The Success Club
Talking Business Limited
Address: 1st Business Centre
Industry Road

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Short Business Description: Business Consultancy and Coaching for micro and small businesses.
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Tiana Wilson-Buys is the “Get Stuff Done” Business Coach. She helps business owners and managers focus on high-impact tasks and projects. Eliminating overwhelm is her speciality. Tiana guides her clients through creating and implementing solid Action Plans to launch their businesses into the next level.

Phone Number: 07942909188
Taylored Business Development
Address: 38 Briardene

NE16 6LJ
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Short Business Description: I am based in Newcastle upon Tyne and offer a whole range of business development services across the North East and further afield.
Sometimes a company just needs a boost – it may be a growth strategy, expansion into a new industry or field, new service, new sales leads, client search, employee or learner search or representation in the world of networking.
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it maybe your current team is too busy for the extra work or doesn’t have the skills/contacts…but you don’t have the capacity for another full-time member of staff.
That’s where my consultant freelance services come in. I can focus on your new challenge while you concentrate on your core business. My services are by the hour, by the day or on longer-term contracts…either way I will prove to be a cost-effective dynamic asset to your company.

Phone Number: 0191 500 9797
Breaking Boundaries Mindset Coaching
Address: 51 Plessey Road
NE24 3BZ
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Short Business Description: Breaking your boundaries to eliminate any limiting beliefs in life and business.
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I am a mindset coach who will use different techniques with NLP and other tools I have learnt through my own experiences to bring out any limiting beliefs, bring in confidence, stop you from being anxious and give you tools to beat your depression and to help you exceed your daily targets with your performance within life and business.

Phone Number: 07764284149
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