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Retox Digital
Address: The Charcoal Building, Blagdon Hall Estate, Near Seaton Burn, Newcastle upon Tyne
NE13 6DB
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Short Business Description: Specialties
Website design and development, bespoke software solutions, SEO, Social Media Marketing, CMS, hosting and maintenance, E-commerce, consultancy, branding, recruitment solution
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Isn’t it time you retoxed your business? Retox Digital is one of the North East’s leading creative, web design and development agencies. We can help you with everything from formulating a successful digital strategy to creating new brands and corporate images. Our team of dedicated designers, developers, SEO advisers and account managers will make sure your strategy is 100% tailor made for you and your business goals.

Company Size: 1-10 employees
Founded: 2011

Phone Number: 01670 785 786
Love Your Content
Address: 22 Tavern Close, Cramlington, Northumberland
NE23 8AR
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Short Business Description: Love Your Content is a creative agency that offers high-quality writing, editing and proofreading services to businesses.
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Love Your Content is a creative agency that specialises in writing, editing and proofreading to create high-quality editorial and marketing content for businesses. Using our editorial expertise, we help companies meet their content goals.

By offering our services, we allow our busy clients to focus on what they do best: create excellent products and services. At Love Your Content, we’re here to help you come up with the words to express all the things your business can offer your customers. Here’s what we do…

Need copy for your website or regular blog posts? Well help is at hand. We can also create great copy for brochures, adverts, marketing materials and more. What, you wanted a ghostwriter or someone who can write articles? We can do those too.

You want copy that is factually correct, don’t you? We can help you with that, making sure any inaccuracies are eliminated, the tone of voice matches what you’re looking for and any spelling or grammatical errors are non-existent.

Need someone to have a final read over that all-important article before it goes live? We can cast a pair of expert eyes over your content to make sure it ticks all the right boxes and is consistent throughout.

Our skills in writing, editing and proofreading are second to none and will give your company the voice to shout over your competitors. And if you require some assistance on a consultancy basis, we can do an excellent job for you. Need help with a project? Get in touch, we’re here to help.

Phone Number: 07813686364
Address: 9 Beacon Road, Hampeth, Morpeth
NE65 9LH
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Short Business Description: Digital business development services for organisations with big aspirations..
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We offer a range of digital services for businesses, all under the umbrella of digital business development services. This includes digital marketing, website development and video production. We aim ourselves as businesses that don’t want to or can’t afford to employ a full time marketing specialist or team, but could really benefit from some effective business development. We offer contracts averaging at £9k p/a as well as one off services.

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The Neighbourhood Network
Address: Amy House, Askew Road West, Gateshead
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Short Business Description: We are a daily deal site like groupon or wowcher, with a difference
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The Neighbourhood Network,
What is it in its simplest form and how can you make money with it, as a Brand Partner or as a Merchant?
Groupon, send out deals to 100,000’s of people every day.
It’s said that 15,000 cases of toilet rolls get sold every day, that’s just one item! Of course, they keep all the money for themselves.
How about a different business model? One where you, as a Brand Partner got paid commissions on every deal that you brought to the table that sold?
Imagine for a moment that you’d brought a deal selling 15,000 units a day to the table?
Well if you did bring it to the table with The Neighbourhood you’d get paid on every case! Forever…
No matter where you are in the country if you can think strategically you’ll be able to see local deals everywhere. Get them on The Neighbourhood Network & when they sell you’ll get paid.
Contact Steve McGarvie on 07966 266931 to get fast tracked into this business!

Phone Number: 07966 266931
Promark Hive
Address: 30 South View, Lesbury, Northumberland
NE66 3PZ
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Short Business Description: Marketing services
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Offering marketing services to small or medium businesses. Specialising in web marketing, social media marketing, website advice and development and marketing strategy. Business consultancy and advice on internal procedures, including CRM system integration and sales process planning.

Phone Number: 07872120122
Singing Hinny
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Short Business Description: Whether you need help getting started from scratch with a social media presence, need to offload the day-to-day, or are looking for support with strategic online marketing planning, I’m here to help your business reach and engage with more customers online.

Long Business Description:

I specialise in helping small business with online marketing. I have over 12 years’ experience in social media management and online marketing working with both a large national brand and in a small online business.
Now I’m using my experience and skills to help organisations to grow their online presence. Having previously run my own business, I understand the need to make every penny and every minute count and can advise how to use social media and killer content to promote your brand without it costing the earth.

I’m a story teller, a relationship builder and a strategist with a love of the North East of England and a great understanding of the local market, all of which make me ideally positioned to help your North East business reach and engage your local customers.

Phone Number: 07951856788
Address: The Beacon, Westgate Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne
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Short Business Description: is the daily deal website for the North East. See all offers at
Long Business Description: is the daily deal website for the North East. See all current offers at

Use code NorthumberlandBusiness to get an EXTRA 10% off all offers. was set up to help local North East businesses stimulate both sales and awareness on a totally risk free basis. Working the same as other daily deal websites however with a lower commission as well having a range of local partners and networks who share our offers to ensure you are shown North East wide to potential customers. We also have advertisement routes for local companies who want to reach our large NE audience without running an offer – perfect for B2B customers or businesses with tighter profit margins.

See all current offers at

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Content Dragon logo
Address: 26 Mill Wharf, Tweedmouth, Berwick upon Tweed
TD15 2BP
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Short Business Description: Content Dragon offers one-to-one confidential content coaching, mentoring and consultancy for business owner-managers and marketing managers.
Long Business Description:

Content Dragon offers one-to-one confidential content coaching, mentoring and consultancy for business owner-managers and marketing managers.

We understand producing great content is a real challenge and a distraction from your core activities — especially if it is not your day job.

Our mission is to help you be content confident and content happy. Contact us by email today for an initial chat.

Phone Number: 07850 933350
Be Found Be Chosen
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Short Business Description: Google Ads for Ecommerce
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We get your stuff sold online, by getting it in front of the right person at the right time.

Phone Number: 0191 267 7675
Website Address: Be Found Be Chosen
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