Step Into September The Northumberland Business Network Way


Lovely to see so many business people attending the NBN. Lots of people getting back into the swing and a few relieved faces that the kids are back to school.

As always we have had a great meeting I know I always say it, but I get such lovely feedback from people who attend and like the relaxed friendly atmosphere. There was a fantastic amount of business passed in the room today and for some brand new people which is fantastic for them, as it takes time to connect with people, but sometimes if someone is looking for what you provide you could clean up on your first visit. For the most part, it’s about building connections though. As always we met some lovely new people to the group and finding out about what they do and how we can support and help them grow it’s lovely to be able to help.

Great talk this month from Mike McCoy and Janet Cusworth about our local Rotary Club explaining the great work they do for the community and the money they raise for charity and they’re looking for new members to join them if you would like more information you can contact me directly and I can pass Mike or Janet’s email to you. So if you think you could help out in anyway get in touch. They are currently looking for stall holders for an upcoming event so if you have fantastic chocolate, food or quirky stuff let us know if you would like a spot.

Our October speaker Ammar is coming to talk to us about the new SME center of excellence which has launched in Ponteland. It’s a fantastic hub and if you want to know how you can use it come along to the next meeting to find out more. Looking forward to this one Oct 3rd Dissington Hall as always it’s a Wednesday click here to register.

We talked about the possible new venue to add to the list I will arrange to go and have a look and report back in October. The price increase will take effect Jan 2019 to £5 we discussed this as well and everyone was happy with it it makes it easier instead of messing around with change. Registration is key as it for the venue for numbers and also there is two per industry per meeting so if you just turn up and there is already two of your industry in the room it makes it unfair on those who have registered, so please take two minutes to register and if you can not attend for any reason please let me know as I usually have people who can fill the slot.  I understand things happen but if you know in advance please it’s just respectful for everyone so I can give everyone an equal opportunity to attend. Do not register and not turn up I am starting 3 strikes and your out. If you can’t commit to the meeting please don’t register or let me know it’s just respectful, I’m doing this on top of my full-time job so your help is key, don’t just leave and not think about the NBN for another month make one to ones with people get to know more people and use the community page for your business if you have something to share. Funny stuff, business, advice required you can use it, it’s for the NBN community as that what we are. I have to explain, sorry if its a bit blunt but well, you know me 🙂

Was lovely to meet our new people at this months NBN including Electrician, Architects, Fund Managers, and Telecoms it’s always lovely to meet new connections so that we can all help each other out. If you would like to be added to the mailing list that gets one reminder email per month let me know and I can add you so you never forget when the NBN meet.

Reminder if you have not registered your company on the business directory please feel free to do so as we are top of Google and get good traffic to our site so it would be worth you being on there.

Finally, I totally forgot to take any photographs this month apologies, will sort myself out in Oct or maybe a photographer will turn up who knows?

Finally thanks to Sonny at Rialto in Ponteland, Main street, for your very kind hosting of our event as always a pleasure. Christmas bookings now available private function room available please contact Sonny for details. Or if you have never been well worth a visit food and staff are great.

Wishing all great things in life and business this month. See you soon.




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