Awesome April NBN

Thanks for your continued support for the NBN as we grow and deliver great business and networking, it is imperative if you register for an event and can not make it you let me know as I usually have a waiting list for industries now to take your place, so it has a knock on effect, please be mindful many thanks.

This months meeting had a great atmosphere and the great feedback from the newattendees at how the great environment and welcoming the meeting was which is great.

Amanda gave a great talk about networking for introverts and some handy yoga tips for feeling more confident. Thanks, Amanda 🙂

As always great business past and excited times ahead as we are launching the NBN in two different areas in Northumberland which is fantastic news details to follow, making it more accessible to further to reach places in Northumberland.

Also congratulations to Helen Ross form Bright and Beautiful for winning her second award for ethical employer of the year form the FSB awards. 🙂

Don’t forget to use the business directory if you have attended a meeting.

Facebook group please use for your promotions, events, questions etc You must ask permission if you have not attended a meeting to post or it will be deleted.

Next Meeting registration open online

See you next month


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